Sep 27, 2008

what could I say about it?

ohyeaaaah it's the 27th day of ramadhan. only 4 more days to the gate of the id.

well at the 24th day,fadiah and i were planning to go to mall after look at the announcement board about the graduation and also pay my lia's payment. well we go to lia at 1 pm. in case picking up my fadiah's boyfriend at one of ....umm (apaya pokonya warnet lah), i met my friends inside, there are prof, jordy and also my twin, rocky.

fadiah and her boyfriend went to lia without me cos i prefer waiting with my twin and i also waiting for dira. i told her to come there and see me then after fadiah and bayu back, we'll go by taxi.

BUT something happened when fadiah sent me a message.

wida nama lo ga ada di papan pengumuman, elo malah dikira postpone.

haaaaaah? omg that's so shocking me. hey i attended the written and oral test so why were my name is not on the list? i texted fadiah and said,

fad gimana sih? terus gimana?

katanya elo ga bayar-bayar term kemaren makanya elo dikira postpone

omg. i realized that i didn't pay any installment last term. that's because i was using the certificate of outstanding student. it means i don't have to pay anything.

after that message, my body was trembling, my face turned into blue, and my hair shaped like a thunder (LEBAY)

for an hour i'm waiting for fadiah and bayu but they didn't come. soooo the only thing that i do was watching roki playing counter strike. zz but that was lil' bit fun cos he always quoting the radio. haha

while waiting for fadiah and bayu, i texted my boyfriend. i was forgot about my plan with fadiah so i made a new plan with him.

HAHA am i a betrayer? yea whatever.

when fadiah came, i realize that I'VE MADE A PLAN WITH HER! omg then i pretend, i said, i have to finish my problem at lia so i cannot join you to tha mall, sorry.

well a half of it was true

after that they go to the mall by taxi and left me alone with roki then i asked him to picking me up to my home and get my certificate then bring it to lia.

yes he's soooooooooo kind yeay he drove me home. i was so hurry so i didn't even see my parents. then we went to lia to finish the problem and.... yes it was soooooo strange. they said i was postpone because i haven't pay the payment. well i explain to the man downstairs and thanks god he could understand so i got my score but i'm still waiting for the announcement of the outstanding student.

after that tired days, i went to pizza hut with Taufaaaaan and we broke the fast there. it was such a great day although the half of it was almost ruined but i was having so much fun to broke the fast with him yayy. unfortunately his bike which is broke cos of the accident is already at the showroom and ready to sell, i went home with public transportation. o i miss the day when he drove me home :'(

FYI, while i was writing this post, my grandma got in the hospital so let us pray the best for her. tonight i'll taking care of her at the hospital.

okay this is the end of my post and i'm so proud to write this post in english (sorry for the unconvenience by read my post cos i'm not expert at english and i already told you bout that at the last post).see you soon with another post (hopefully in english). byeeeeeeeee

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