Nov 20, 2008

My Six !

Thankyou for Juneou and Sisil for gave me this homework. actually, I don't know why they asked me to do this thing but I realized that they gave me this HW because they want to know me well. lol

much for saying!
now let's go to the topic :


6 random things about me are:
1. I am an eater (yaiyalah)
2. Senior High School student and keep thinking that school is never be good enough
3. I Love English muuuuuuuuch
4. Lil’ Trouble
5. cry-er
6. Moody

6 random things I like are:
1. Internet
2. Book
3. My Blog, Rotten Hub
4. Donald Duck
5. Nintendo DS (actually I haven’t got one yet and perhaps I won’t have one)
6. Lil’ notes for preparation if I have an idea

6 random things I don’t like are:
1. Liar
2. Get far from all of my friends
3. Bracelet
4. This teeth ( gak rata ih zz )
5. Pen ( I love to write with pencil. It’s easier to change what I’ve write with that thing )
6. If there is No Comment on Rotten Hub

6 quirky things about me are:
1. mudah cengo sambil mangap (apatau Englishnya)
2. Freak but you can tolerance all of my freak actions
3. Sometimes being alone is all that I need but sometimes I feel so lonely when I’m alone (yaiyalah. Bzt)
4. All depend by mood
5. Weirdo
6. Too lazy

6 things that make me happy:
1. meet HIM!
2. In Love
3. Sleep
4. Got the best score at English
5. Moneeeeeeeeey. lol
6. buy a notebook

well that's all. and I don't have any clue to tag 6 of my friends to to this HW.
I'll pick 'em randomly
and the luckiest persons are :

* Prima
* Winnie
* Foi
* Irfan
* Talitha
* Fina

I'll tell all of you guys who have been tagged by me, soon.
thankyou for read this post and smell ya later :D



e[A]r~fA'n said...


itu yah PR nyah?
hari sabtu/minggu gw post deh pastinya. :D

btw, krn pake English, ada beberapa kata yg ngga ngerti. :(

talithaa said...

widaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sialan ngasih beginian hahaha gue lg males posting jd gue tunda yaaa postingannya hahaha.. tp udah gue draft kok hihi. tenang sajalah :D

doubleyouaidiei said...

@ Irfan : sekali kali posting pake english aja fan, lumayan buat belajar
@ Talitha : oke Tal, ditunggu yaa