Nov 22, 2008

Now I Care, How About You?

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I got this info from a booklet, anyway, and when i surfed the internet, i also found this article so let me share this one to all of you!

The Ways To Reduce Global W
arming (Vegetarian Style)

To avoid craving the meat dishes you grew up on try some meat substitutes, like dishes made with garden burgers or smart dogs (made with soy or wheat gluten) instead of hotdogs. Eating healthy can be good for the world and fun and delicious.

Try delicious almond, soy or rice milk rather than hormone laden cow's milk. If you’re concerned about getting enough calcium, eat green leafy veggies and exercise. Exercise can prevent osteoporosis even in dairy-free diets. Kale and collard greens are great steamed and drizzled with some fresh lemon juice and Brags. Even though people in China do not drink cow’s milk, they don't suffer from osteoporosis; in fact they have no word for it in their language.

If you do eat animal products, keep to the organic variety found in your local health food store.

Keep healthy fats in your diet, such as avocado and nuts. Studies show that when people crave meat in their diet, they are actually craving fat, not protein.

Include raw fruits and veggies in your diet. Cooked foods lack essential enzymes needed for digestion. Try a salad with nuts and use Thai sauces to make dishes fun.

Invest in a vegetarian and raw food cookbook.

Explore International Foods. Expand beyond meat and potatoes to discover the world of yellow curry and sweet and savory vegetarian meals. Travel the globe on your dinner table. Make every meal an adventure rather than a chore. Take time to taste foods rather than swallowing them just to fill an empty spot in your stomach and soul. Enjoy every moment of your meal.

Keep kindness in all you do. If you’d like to learn more how 6 billion animals a year suffer and die in the United States, please visit Farm Sanctuary.

Get involved in energy conservation in your area. Hold elected officials accountable. Write letters and be pro-active. Ask them for more and safer bike paths, sustainable public transportation and tax breaks and incentives for sustainable home energy use.

Walk or ride your bike and take public transportation.

that's all. hope you get the benefit of it. taken from here.


bytheway, global warming effects now already come to Indonesia, esp. Jakarta (huh, where have you been?) and I can feel the weather changes drastically. In fact, it really bothering me. as a high school student, i've to take care of my health to keep study and get smart (-___-) but the weather is not friendly. i got flu now and it feels like err i don't know how to mention it. one of my friends said that she'd better get a thypus symptoms and stay in hospital than got flu and still have to go to school. I totally agree with her.

god, hopefully, human put some respect on this promblem and start from now, save the earth!


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Anne! said...

hahaha xD
totally agree with your friend opinion... :)
better got a thypus dan catch a flu... get well soon honey... ^^

doubleyouaidiei said...

thanks anne :)actually, since i got flu, my parents put more respect on me, while other days they're too busy. lol