Dec 31, 2008

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well this is new year's eve! which means another boredom for me but i thanked to trans tv, hey, this is the first time they showed Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire on TV! well i've watched it for many times but still, watching it twice will never be enough. lol. now I'm writing while watvhing it on TV.

and in midnight, what do you expect? there is Da Vinci Code. still on Trans TV. well i guess everyone knows about this schedule.

talking about harry potter and the goblet of fire, i can see Pattinson here, as cedric diggory. just little shot of him but it's enough i think. lol

i just realise that British accent always confusing me. british. really i can't hear what they say. feels like they eating jelly while talk. hehe. jk. lol.


new year for me is moment to look back and learn about what happened in the past. for resolutions, i've wrote it down. and noooooooow. what i've learned in 2008. this might be a long post ;)

in 2008, first, January.

new year, starts with my moron brain, i forgot to buy a gift for my friend. bestfriend, actually. and my father also. in the same day. she was lil bit angry to me. well i tried to make an apology by making a kaleidoskop for her buuuuuuut, before it came into a pretty gift, she knew it. she found it on my room and... yep i'm sorry, idk what to give so i gave her that thing which found by herself. moron.

and my father. i didn't want to give him a gift. his request to me was sooo unpredictable. how would you act if your father asked you to bought him a new car? he was insane. lol.

and in february, when valentine came, i learned to be a patient person. lol. he was driving me to LIA but with a looooong argumentation. he promised me to take me there but suddenly, he was out of his own words. he went home and (perhaps) forgot me. but then i texted him and later on, his heart melted with my sharp words and he took me to LIA.

but there was a funny moment when rain suddenly fell down and i was afraid of becoming wet so he asked me to wear his raincoat while he wore his jacket. and (i always laugh at this part), rain stopped slowly and suddenly, the sky was turn bright. very bright. and guess what? i still wore that raincoat during the three quarters way. geez what the hell did i do?

march? maybe nothing happened.

april? yes yes i know that month was very fun to me. well this was where our love story began. lol.

may? yes. i've learned something. to respect the time. time won't back. chance won't come twice. this is when the national examination held and i felt fail.

june, the day when the announcement of the national examination. i passed. but i didn't proud.

july, went to my new high school and found some new friends. they were awesome.

august, when i did something naughty . lol. don't ask what!

september, holy month. i failed again. too much anger.

october, a day when one of my relatives passed away and my age changed. i hope i could be a better child, for sure. yeah, child.

november, and december. the end and i think the best. i could be more knowleadgable in these months. lol.

well that's my reviews. quite long but quite short too.
today, with a lot of spirit, i'd say..

HAPPY NEW YEAR for all of the freaks and morons. lol.

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