Dec 3, 2008

midnight post


have no idea why i write this post. actually i feel bored and -----------what?

next week i'm going to face my block test (again and this is the third in this semester) and i already set my best preparation to face it (which i know it won't be success) buuuuuuuuuut i still need time to know more about all of my lessonMySpace

wish i could add more times in a day. 30 hours. is it enough? lol

okay what had happened to me this week? i know this is not the weekend but i want to reported my whole activities on my last weekend. what did i do? guess. spent a day in home with my freaky-lil-sister (damn you, sis, i'll fight you again!)

that's for today. not important, eh? tomorrow i'll post my new topic. i've think about it for a week and i'll post it to you tomorrow (wish me luck, dude)MySpace

smellya later!MySpace



LLawliet said...

Tidak ada ocehan ya?

Doubleyouaidiei said...

@ Llawliet : ya ini ocehan namanya