Dec 30, 2008

My Own Award

I've made this award. I call it Footprints award.

here the rules :
  • put this logo on your blog
  • answer this question!
1. what is your main reason to make a blog?
-- actually idk why. it's just when i read on radityadika's, i think i could make a blog, too so here i am with my own rotten hub :)
2. whose blog that you visit first after you make your own blog?
-- radityadika's
3. tag 5 people who you visit often
-- Anne, Maudi, Benazio, Sisil, Prima

write your name here!
this award has given to you through this people :
1. Doubleyouaidiei, 2. [put you name and your link here]

that's all. thanksya :)


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