Mar 29, 2009


After receiving my report card for this mid semester, I promised myself not to forget do the homework especially chemistry, math and also bahasa. terrible if I miss them. And what I'm gonna do next? Study harder? Big NO. Then what?


CALL ME STUPID, readers, as long as you like it. And I'm gonna stare myself in front of the mirror and shout, "I AM NOT STUPID," then whisper, "i am beautiful"

ya gue tau ganyambung. Bodolah. I've stressed enough by doing all those stuffs and I have already put my private section aside but study still be a hard way to do.

And about the title. Don't ever ask. Has no connection at all. I actually wanted to write 'brother complex' but it will bring lots of controversies.


I can't keep it, maan. I have to tell you all of the miseries. Thanks God I have my own blog so I can express it (though not privately) directly to my electronic journal, Rotten Hub.

Okay started from a girl who dislikes me very much since I made a relationship with mine. She always has negative thinking about me. No matter how hard i've tried to make her sure that I AM NOT AS BAD AS SHE THOUGHT, she still thought that I WAS TERRIBLE. I mean, very terrible. Gini deh dia bilang gue cewek gak bener.


hello, rich girl, i know you may have power but you don't have any mirror.

and after those 'hujatan', now she's back with a new sensation. she stole my brother. abang ketemu gede, tepatnya. that i was sure he was actually mine and no one would ever stole him from me. no one.

I was wrong.

i am a brother-complex and my fake-brother already knew that i hate her. ohmy. love blinds people.

and i miss my brother now.

selfish, eh?

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