Mar 1, 2009

Welcome, March!

Hello, March! For all of my senior in 12th grade who are going to do SIMAK UI, I wish you all get a good luck. Break a leg!

For the next one week, I'll have my second examination which means, I have to study harder than before instead of watching movies at television since I know my first exam had already done. Gee you all have to know, I have just finished my first exam at the second week of February and tomorrow I'll have the second exam. God, I know the school hates me and maybe it wants to kill me slowly.

Anyway, just forgetting all those f**king examination, because yesterday I was very happy for all of those greetings and applause. LOL. I won the debating competition held by Depdiknas cooperated with 18th Education and Training Expo 2009 as the first runner up and also I passed 'harkat' for my Pencak Silat. At the same time. One day and two goals. And I just couldn't stop smiling at that time.

Thankyou to Kak Fadhli and Kak Ajeng. We did our best yesterday :)
Here's the picture of us

idk why i set the wrong costume LOL


Anyhow, I felt confused when the judges announced that the final round would be held at 6 pm. I didn't know what to do since I had to attended 'harkat' for my Pencak Silat's event at 4.30 pm. I just sat down and gave up for the situation. Ka Fadhli's father helped me by talking to the leader of my Pencak Silat but hell, he didn't answer the call.

Then I called my father to ask for the solution. But once again, he couldn't give any solution. So, I made a decision.

I'll choose this competition.

Haha trully wise. I just thought that this kind of competition might not be held next year while 'harkat' always be held every year. Besides, I was in the final round. Just one more step! So I chose that competition. And Thanks God, our team became the first runner up and my friends, Bani, who came to accompany me and support me, told me that there was still a chance to chase 'harkat' if I went to that place, then.

So, I went to SDN Cipinang Melayu 03 Pagi (place where I used to school) to followed 'harkat' and once again, Thanks God, Alhamdulillah, they knew about my situation so they allowed me to follow 'harkat'. Besides, 'harkat' hasn't started yet! Yes! Thanks a lot to all of my friends. And now I'm in 1st harkat. LOL

Bytheway, I can't wait for tomorrow. Taufan's birthday. Honesty, I haven't prepared anything for the gift yet. Sorry, dear.


ditaaaaa said...

hehe, dasar ade kelas dari 03 ampe ojon haha

PrincessCita said...

ckck ditemenin sama ratna barus? haha hoeeeek

Widey said...

@ Ka Dita : haha kenapa ka?

Widey said...

@ Ka Caca : iya sebenernya kita mengharapkan sesuatu yang lebih baik lagi daripada dia ckck >.<

Qori said...

semua orang diatas ngerti ceritanya,kok saya tidak ya?

Widey said...

@ Qori : loh kenapa? hehe. makasihya udah mampir dan repot-repot ngasih komen : )