Apr 20, 2009

For my conclusion

I've just read Ishey's post titled Unknown Quote and have just commented to it. For my conclusion, according to me,

LOVE is when letter U and V are vanished so there will be W after T. So close. That close. I wish we could be that close.

Reality check!

There are still U and V between T and W. Yeah means we are not close enough.

But wait.

Not close enough? In face, maybe. But in heart? I don't think so :)

Well I'm too happy to say that tomorrow is our day. Happy almost one-year anniversary, my T-BOY.
hopefully we get more close just like S (first letter on my first name) and T (his first letter on his first name).



Ishey said...

ohohohohohoh so weet wid ;)

Widey said...

so weet, so sweet, sweet, sweat, shofwatul? hahaha thanks ish ;)