Sep 4, 2009

Another world

Where can you find the blue sky?

Here, is the only answer.

Where can you find the most beautiful rainbow after rain?

Once again, here, is the only answer.

But where can you find your own happiness? Here? Not here? It's only you who can find your own answer.
If home is not the right answer, then go outside. Somewhere over the rainbow. Somewhere beyond the blue skies. Somewhere....

When you heart beats so fast. When your emotion goes up and down and suddenly you climb up the tree so the whole city can be seen clearly.
When you find your own world, your own happiness.
It's so priceless.

And I want to fly high, up on the sky. Hide behind those clouds with all little fairies that sing along with me. This is my world, friends. And no one would change it even a little.

This is my happiness.

Ah I found it so pointless. I'll make another one when my brain has cleared up from these mess. Crap.

Have a good day, Fella.
Au Revoir.

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