Sep 6, 2009

Heart please don't break

These days I am begging, for the one that I love. These days I am dying, also for the one I love. I just didn't get it when people say "Love blinds people" But now I do realize that it was true, for sure.

I was once said that I will not begging for someone who breaks my heart.
It was a bullshit.

The truth is, I am begging him now. For his love. So I could feel the warm, I could feel the care.
What made this? I don't know. Love blinds people, rite?

So, if you read this, my dear beloved Typhoon, I LOVE YOU. PLEASE. I BEG YOU.



Vinska said...

sabar ya baby. :hug:

Wida said...

thanks vins :kiss: