Oct 27, 2009

IFCW World Forum 2009

Hey I'm back :)

I've got lotta story to tell but there won't be enough space so just skip the unimportant thing and straight to the time when I got into the IFCW World Forum 2009.

Okay I'll repeat it.



I'll tell the whole story completely.

The World Forum 2009 is an annual conference that attracts leaders of non-governmental organizations from across the world. The World Forum enables delegate to discuss the rights and welfare of children and young people on a global scale, network and build partnerships with each other.

World Forum 2008 was held in Cardiff, Wales - UK and was attended by over 300 participants representing 30 countries.

Each conference is co-hosted by the IFCW and a membership organization, and the co-host for the World Forum 2009 is the Indonesian Child Welfare Foundation (YKAI - Yayasan Kesejahteraan Anak Indonesia).

Unfortunately, it was held in Jakarta. But that's alright, at least I won't leave my school :p

I got into the same room with Bona (SMAN 70) and Grace (SMUK 1) who are Christians so I had to pray alone :( But that's none of the matter since I forgot to have a breakfast at the second day. Yeah it was the foolest thing ever. Actually, Bona, Grace and I thought that the breakfast will be held just at the time when we gather in 9 o'clock. But the truth was, we had to have our own breakfast in restaurant with the coupons that had given to us at the first day. Poor us.

And the first plenary was so bored. Hell I was so sleepy and almost fell asleep but I realized that there were stand by cameras so I must not sleep!! LOL.

There was nothing more special in day 2 so just skip it.

Day 3.

It was the day when we were having a small discussion with the foreigners through Skype. With the Philippines, UK, and South Africans. My team had a conference with the South Africans but unfortunately, the Africans boy had a dark complexion. I used to thing to have a good relationship with the Africans since the South Africans have a fair complexion but I thought I will just turn that mind off :p

And day 3 used to be the most crucial night. Me and other 5 petition editors were having a midnight in lobby, worked on our petition. And it was also the time when we were getting closer for each other. We talked about things and used to mock on each other. It was fun and awesome.

Also, the thing that made that night become more awesome is, when we were chosen to read the petition. Since we were the ones who know the petition well, even though that petition was made by all youth in the conference by discussing with the youth foreigners around the world, but we were edit it and compiled it into one good petition.

Day 4.


Okay, it should be changed with 'WE'

That was the coolest moment ever. We represented the whole world! Pretty cool, eh?

Here's the petition :

And I didn't bring my camera so the photos will be updated soon!
Anyway, the next meeting of IFCW will be held in New York. Any of you interested? Feel free to register (the site will be delivered soon).

Bye, folks.

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