Oct 4, 2009

Interview session

Hi, lil' fairy how's your days?

I went to lotta towns this lebaran holiday. Actually I wasn't going for mudik but just for vacation. You know.. When people get bored of something, they might go on a vacation and mentioning this to you just a waste of time. Grr.

I'm not in the right mood to writing about something.

Why not posting photos?

What photos? My cellphone doesn't have camera built-in and my digicam is going nowhere with my sister. The only thing that left is my handycam but it's not a good thing to be shown-off.

Why not writing a story about your school?

What to write? I've started school since October 1st and I missed the second day of school just because of my additional vacation. Dad's wish. And on October 2nd, school was cooler because all of people there wore BATIK as their tops. Can you imagine? I want to be with them, wearing batik and take some pictures but I was on my vacation. Trash.

Ah and also big thanks to God that I've passed OSIS selection. One more step and voila!

And I also missed the day when they announced those who are passed.

And I....... Hey didn't I just mentioned lotta things?

Why not writing about your love life?

No comment.

Anyway, how's twitter world?

Getting worse everyday. I'm sick of people who use RT (the one that used to re-tweet someone's tweet) to replying one person's tweet. My eyes getting worse each day I see those 'RT' in timeline.


I have and... I hate having the worst cellphone that couldn't be used for accessing internet. Nyuhuhu each day I don't update my plurk.. karma will go down. And I, ofcourse, cannot updating my plurk in school days. Fck.

Why don't you buy a new cellphone? The one that could accessing internet?

I'm not a moneybag. And still begging for dad's kindness. Now I do my best so that I could get my outstanding certificate orderly.

I'm tired. Why don't we end this interview session?

I didn't ask you to interview me, moron. bye.

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