Dec 21, 2009


This is the beginning of holiday journey :D

So how's life? I've been wasting my time for updating my twitter account. No I'm not a spammer yet sometimes I am :p Besides I could hardly accessing internet through PC. I don't know why. Something went wrong with the connection.

I'm on Gossip Girl these days and maybe only watch it during this holiday.

News lately? Oh yeah I am now in 2nd level of Pencak Silat, Jurus. I had my test last Saturday and even though I was commented by the guru, I move to 2nd level now :D

the juniors :D

the seniors <3

Anyway I don't celebrate Christmas but it always fun whenever Christmas comes. I can feel the euphoria!
And new year's resolution? Don't talk much. Be a better one. That's enough.

So what's your own resolution for new year, guys? Feel free to share :D


Benazio R.P said...

wih pencak silat.. galak serem haeuhauehaue..

kapan nih ketemu lagi ahoho

Doxy said...

ahahushua enggak ben luarnya doang serem dalemnya barbie :p

iya liburan nih ben ketemu lagi nyuuuuk