Dec 6, 2009

Tons of News

Finally :) Exam week's over! Tons of smile came out from my face when I finished my last exam. Art, for exact. Actually, on the last minutes, I almost cried. Since my pentagon had not been finished yet. I decided to make it quick&not based on the right way. Fortunately, my projection picture got 90 :D woohoo~

Anyway, I went for a swim last Saturday &I was drowning. Gah. Everyone's laughed at me. LOLs.

&For the ASEAN Simulation Meeting Competition, thanks God, my team won! As the 5th winner, defeats other 60 schools :D

Yesterday, I went to Dira's house with Fadiah. it's been long time we haven't meet each other. &finally we met up &made some disasters. Lols. I miss 'em already.

&I'ma going to have classmeeting week! Yippie. For this year, we add new competition. Rubik's Competition. I bet this will rock our school :p

I got a wish for this December. I wish I would have another December to be spent :D



Anne! said...

gawwwwddd. congratz yaa wid bisa menang :) what a great way to close 2009 *jempol* hadiahnya dapet apaaa hayoo??

Doxy said...

thanks :D:D:D:D
cuma sertifikat sama piala sih. worth it lah :))