Jan 3, 2010

2010 here we go

And now we turn into something new. Year has changed and so does age.

2009 brought something. Something to learn. Something to be remembered. Something not to be forgotten. Something you may wish you could turn back in time, into 2009.


Of course! What more do you expect if you already get everything you need and you don't need?

2010 and resolution. Its been on everybody's webs, everybody's journals, everybody's diaries. I think I should create one, too. List in what should I get in this year. But later on. I haven't thought anything about it.

Anyway, I used to think that life must be filled not with plans, but with coincidences.

Don't know why I'm changing.

Time does matter, buds :D



Adinda said...

"Life must be filled not with plans, but with coincidences." -> nah that's a good quote :P

Doxy said...

Thanks din :D