Feb 27, 2010


Good evening!

I am here to tell you that I have just loosen a competition in La Piazza. My team & I actually. Tracesa did great on that competiton but yeah... better luck next time!

And I have just got home from selling clothes at Trisakti with Echa, Aldi, Ka Reni and her boyfriend. Its a charity event for a collegiate named Arthur. He was and is in a very bad condition so I helped him by selling clothes to other Trisakti collegiates. Well, I actually helped Ka Reni to sell them :p

And everyone seemed so interested in that clothes :)

I got home with an additional income *dancing*

Anyway, tomorrows gonna be fun since my friends and I will have another trip to HI with bicycle. Viva car free day! Gonna show you the photos, later.

ps. I've bought a film for my Nikon FM 10. Have tried it and gonna use it tomorrow.

Good Night, follovers! (inspired by AjakanMaut)

Current Song: Kelsey - Metro Station
Current Mood: divided into two. feels like branched.

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