Feb 16, 2010

These love fantasies all turned red

What's happening? I've been in love these days. I haven't told you yet because I was too worried whether that was a right time to say that I'm in love or not. But today, I am in love with someone I never thought I would fall in love with.

Ever heard Never Knew I Needed? That song fits me perfectly. At first I knew him as a friend of my friends. We were at the same school so we won't get lost easily. We only had a little time together because he seemed not-so-my-type and maybe I was so-not-his-type, too. A little conversation we had. And just by the end of 2009, when we were getting closer, and I started to realize I liked him, something brought me down. Someone said he was in love with one of my closest friends........... Dang!

I was trying to be calm since hurting closest friend was not on my life. But hey, who wants to be hurted, indirectly? Then I found out my closest friend was in love with another boy. Dang! I felt like heaven was so close. This was a good chance! But how could I let him suffer?

From that day I've tried to avoid him but then my closest friend went steady with his crush. God. I felt like, hey maybe he will try to forget her and maybe I will get a bigger chance. But until now, I haven't done anything.

I told my bestfriend, about the whole story. I told it in front of my other friends which I knew they were untrusted. So I made it in a fun way. I grabbed an empty pack of Fullo wafer roll, a coin denominate Rp 500,00, an empty pack of Gery Chocolatos, a Rp 5.000,00 & Rp 1000,00. Each thing represent someone. I took a part as Mrs. Fullo, my crush as Mr. 500, my closest friend as Mrs. Chocolatos, my closest friend's boyfriend as Mr. Pattimura, and My bestfriend as Tuanku Imam Bonjol. ROFL. That was fun.

Anyway, I've just done my mathematic exam today and the result was so unexpected!! I got 100 out of 100. Maximum score!! How could I not happy since I haven't got a good score in this year. Poor me. But well this is a good start. Who knows if I could be the #1? :p

Another issue. I signed up on a Science Olympic. Epic! Me. Into a science olympic. That is great. I took Physics, the easier one. I am not good at Biology&Chemistry. They really are evil. Talking about evil, one of my teachers, got angry in my class. One simple reason. Crowdy.


We were that crowd because she told us to have a discussion method in our learning. Then she turned red. Until now.

Phew. I got lotta works to do. My final project (essay writing&presentation), all those fucking examinations, all those SEVONE things, all those love things. Help me, God.

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