Mar 25, 2010

Double you- o -double you


Everheard about this sentence? If you are a Disney-freak or somewhat, this may cross your head a moment.

Remember, now?

Its the title of the song which was sung in Disney Musical Mary Poppins. Or, you know nothing about this song? Don't worry. I first know this sentence a year ago when my 'sister' spoke it loud in a classroom when we were having a spelling bee game. Yes, she might be insane since Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious was the longest and the hardest sentence I've ever heard. How could I spell it? Tee hee now I can easily say it loud and sing it together with Julie Andrews and Dick van Dyke on YouTube :D

I suddenly remember this sentence while surfing on tumblr. This picture and the comments below made me remember about the sentence I used to be familiar with. Then I googled it, found it on Wikipedia, and searched it on YouTube. Then I downloaded the song &now am going to sing it all day long :D

Anyway the comments below the video also realized me that the Disney Musical-used-to-be are way cooler and much more kids-watch-able than now. High School Musical? Hannah Montana? Okay they might be cool but I think they fit to teens more than children.


I forget the Disney Playhouse part :p

You rock, Disney! You rocked, rocks, and will rock me, always :D

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