Mar 21, 2010


I've been working hard for my essay writing project and also the presentation and hell yeah! I did well. My presentation went well and the procturs did't argue much. Lately I know one of the proctur, Miss Ira, loved my presentation. Wish the best for my class! Big smooch :)

Another news. My student body is gonna hold an event this year, called SEVONE Championship 3 - Hurionity. The poster is not finished but we're working on it. Gonna put the poster and the whole detail of this event. Or may be just take a look at our website.

And, I'm going to have a long day-off. Started from last Friday, and will be end at next Sunday. Feel free? Well half of it. I have a tight schedule this holiday. From a meet up with vinska&adinda, and also gath with junior high friends, arranging some english-course schedules, and so on. I never want to be this busy but yeaaaaa *sombong* :p

Good luck anyway for my seniors, 71 Senior High School, year 2010. Your national examination is just a day away, break a leg for the next 5 days! God blesses you!

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