Mar 7, 2010

Rush weekend

So this have been my rush-est weekend. I got a day off last Friday since the seniors were having pra-national examination. And I decided to watch 3idiots with Echa. This movie is a total recommended movie. Watch it, cry with it, laugh with it, smile with it, get the moral lessons from it.

Before watching 3idiots, Echa and I were looking for Meli's birthday gift. Yes! She turns 17 just by now! Happy 17th yeasr old, Meli :D

I could only find one gift, the undies one, instead of finding the whole outfit. Geez. So we decided to continue it on the next day.

On Saturday, after swimming ( well, we didnt really 'swim' ), we went to some stores to buy the rest of the outfit. After we got it, we swung to FX to watch Alice in the wonderland, but, unfortunately, the seats were full. Damn yoooooo. So we watched Up In The Air. My comment? Less understandable *teeheheheheheh*

Am going to go to Meli's party this noon. What's your plan today?

Current mood: Sensible
Current song: Aal Izz Well - 3idiots soundtrack

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