Apr 20, 2010

I knew I should not go blog

Hi, Potatoes!

I'm on my mid term test now. I know I shouldnt blog these days but things were going crazy.

- my friend got worse in her relationship &I couldnt say anything but 'idk what to do, just be patient'
- my mid test's scores were suck. its been two days &the good score was only one out of 4.
- strangers called me. YES. STRANGERS. Lot of stranger. &they annoyed me with freaky symbols.
- flu catches me. o come on what could be worse than sneezing when you are on a date?
- my mood to study has gone. for real~
- &I eat less. Seriously.

I gotta study. Tomorrow will be English, civic &IT. w00t.

Anyway, stalking people's wall-to-wall is extremely fun. Try it! :p

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