Apr 30, 2010

Things. And. I. Went. Random.

End of April. I don't know whether I should be happy or not. Things went crazy, as always. Two of my friends got broken up. Two couples. I wish that doesn't mean that April was our suck-est month ever -which is true, half of it.

So, May's coming to town. I will get my holiday on May 12th. Yes. May 12th, a trip to Yogyakarta with 2011! Happy? Terribly happy and I can't even wait for that moment to come. And, a whole day in the bus with Freak Show! That. Must. Be. Priceless.

Anyway, Bike2School works! We always show to our principal that we ride bike. And he gives full support. Hope we would get the parking lane for bicycle (Y).

What else?

I'll get it listed to make it simple :

  • Eja got smallpox. Its been a week he hadn't came to school. Ehos was closed, too. We don't have a playground for this stressing week.
  • Uti got infected, too! This is epic cause two of us got smallpox right when we had lot of things to be talked.
  • So, being a plagiarist is a trend now, eh? I've found some of my friends copying my style in writing. Not to mention that I am a popular but hey, don't you have your own style? And what makes that funny is they also mock someone for being a plagiarist -just like what I do right now but I am do not even do plagiarism.
  • Relationship went smooth. But things were broken. He often treated my things badly. He put my shoe on the top of the gate hid my bike helmet. That was so annoying but still okay. As long as he doesn't put my heart on the bottom of his butts then throw it away -random.
  • I need to get my bike brake change!! OMG OMG ASAP.

Wish May would bring a good luck. For you, too.

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