May 1, 2010


What is it like to be legal?

I wish I could be more grateful with my condition. For having such an idealist family. For having some legal friends. For being a rebellion.

I am one of them you don't like the most. Because I can't go out and come home late. Because I have to study on my weekend. Because I speak to a machine named computer. Because I made friend with Disney Princesses. Because I don't hold a Blackberry or any other smart phones. Because I am uncool. Like, seriously, I am uncool. I wear glasses. I hate skirts even though I've tried to wear it -It just doesn't fit me perfectly. I worry if my score is below the average. I hate to study -ok this thing is a common thing- but my dad always forces me to do so.

And tonight might be the climax. I had a fight with mom just because I came home late. But hey, I've told her that I would go home late &the traffic was out of my expectations. You've got to know that the road to my home was closed because of two events. A funeral &a maulid. That was impossible to drive straight to my home. I turned around to find another way. Then when I got home, mom didn't want to welcome me. She closed her door &locked it. I screamed from the outside &we shouted at each other -ok this part is the epic-est one. I could make a tv series from this part. &I cried. &She said she would never look after me anymore. That was the saddest part. Ever.

&now I'm writing on my blog. Trying to let all this hard feelings. I've texted I &he told me to calm down. He was the best mood booster. Thanks, I!

So, thanks for letting me share on you. I feel better :)

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