May 19, 2010

A little hello after facing a rough adventure; of what you call: a life.

been a week. i've gotten back from jogja. Got so many lessons, experiences and also clothes!! I went shopping at malioboro and got blinded by the price. I spent a lot. That made me feel like a billionaire $____$

Anything about jogja will be posted soon after I reach my internet PC.

School? As always, get boring easily. What makes me concern about school and still attending is this week would probably be the last week of my 2nd year. I'll have my final exam next week. That is suck.

Friends? Here's the thing :
I never give a damn about what you (yes, you, the one who declared urself as my best-friend) have done, have thought, and have said to me. Actually I tried but you have decided to start this war. It is impossible for me not to care.

Love? K, here I declare myself as a 'homosexual'-hater.
Not a real homo but the one who acts as if he is a homo by holding a boy's hand, kissing a boy on his cheek, hugging a boy, and all those things are done passionly. No offense. Maybe I got jealous because my boyfriend did the same with his friends. I was okay. I was. But the more he did, the more I hate. So if you still want to play that game, just tell me to turn around. I don't want to take a look even for a little.

I got lotta money $___$ My outstanding certificate was refund. That was kewl. I could repair my camera lens -it was broken into two. &maybe buy a new charger for my cellphone. Rangga got it broken. Fvck ya but its alrite. I was laughing at it instead of getting angry. That is friend. Real friend :]

I gotta go. I need to transfer Little Miss Sunshine to my external hard drive. Can't wait to watch it since IronLungs recommended it to me.

Mix of sorrow&happiness,
Doxy, the random <3

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