May 20, 2010

Mature enough? Mirror talks.

Again. I post via mobile while having a language class. Yesterday was Bahasa &I use English class today to post this shit. Currently sitting in the back row, alone. Having a clearance of mind &little bit relaxation after Phy --which was torturing me. I don't have any important news or whatever to share. I don't know why I write this post. Well maybe things will be expelled out from my mouth as this writing goes.

I lose my mood. Jack stole it. Yes, that fvking ripper had stolen my mood for, like, ever. He won't return it unless I beg him but I won't. Cause I don't need my mood to kill person. A little 'Avada Kedavra' must be enough. Ah. I know what to write.

These days I'm cursing myself. For being awkward &weird &dumb. My life went messy. I've told you on my previous post. School, friends, love; all are in trouble. Started with a little misunderstanding &ended up with a big war. I miss my friend, for real. I miss to have a silly convo on the red chair plus the love stories which come out from those mouths. Those silly jokes, convos, chats. I also miss the adventure of us. But the most important thing I miss is my trust. Its been a week. I need to get my trust back on you cause you were the only one who used to hear every of my voice, advise me when I need it, share every single thing you have. Friends.

We were best friends. Now we are just friends. With secrets.


I want to have a pizza party this noon. Want to join? Bring ur best shirt said 'this friendship can not be bought by Pizza but I would be glad if you give me a slice'

I'm out. Once I'm back I'll let you know that I have my bestfriend back (or not).

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