Jun 1, 2010

I've learnt. Am I mature enough now?

As I promised to write after the exam, here it goes:

A friend of mine told me that I am lucky to have him beside me, literally. There goes two possibilities: the expression of caring or jealousy. She just doesnt know how seldom that happens. But, really, her words opened my eyes. Note to self: be more grateful. As she told me that I was happier than her. Thanks God. Those pity voices around my head about his ignorance should be crossed over and dumped.

All of these weaknesses turn out to be something I never notice: he never walks too far.

I was with him today. K, I needed to have a lil bit warming up because of a week without voice. Awkward. But all turned nice. You know, when love is around, all awkwardnesses go as time goes by. That happened. I dont know whether its just my problem for missing him too much or he really pay me less attention. But thats alright. Now I am good.

So, talking about love is kinda confusing enough. Moreover, if you feel it. If you know how love could kill, maybe you won't open yourself to such things. If you know how love could heal, maybe you will never feel tired of searching for such things.

I've finished all my exams. Good to hear? Thanks. And I also have broken my records. I made 90 at Chem. How was that? Great? Well that was just a lucky shot.

Envy me.

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