Jun 3, 2010

Help. Police needed.

Mom is gonna turn 46 tomorrow. I've had the cake and ready to make a surprise.

This post has nothing to do with Ma.

So, I live under the spotlight. I am neither a queen nor a celebrity but I have a spot in people's heart. And I love it. Not to mention that boys love me more than their girls but being around those guys make me relieve.

And selfish.

And big headed.

This is funny how I hate it when my guys pay less attention to me. They pay more to the girl who goes with me. I am feeling jealous.

And this happens only with the guys. I dont give a damn whether my boy is doing the same thing or not.

You know, friends give more than boyfriend gives.


My spotlight has been stolen.
And this lyric doesnt come along with my story of love. This comes along with my jealousy *taser*

//So the hell what/
What's so special about that//
She used to model/she's done some acting//
So she weighs a buck 'o 5//
And I guess that she's alright/if perfection is what you like//
Ooh/ooh/and I'm not jealous/no//
I'm not//
Ooh/ooh/I just want everything//
she's got//

Paula Deanda - When It Was Me

My roller coaster is on the ground. Lets see when will it be crawling up.

The eliminated one,

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