Jun 25, 2010


Good morning. This is too early for me to stay wake and write sumthin, isn't it? I'm about to have Saman practice at 8 in Monas. Yes. Monas. Isn't it far? Today is our last practice cause we are going to break Indonesian record: Saman Dance with 2000 hands; tomorrow. Yes. We are 1000 people who don't know each other and dancing to break Indonesian record. Isn't it cool? ;3


I have been taken under bad thought's control. Relationship is killing me softly. Ha-ha. It seems like we know we're in love but thats it. It's sucks. I've been asking him what have made him went bad but the only answer was always silent. WHAT THE HELL IS ON YOUR MIND, DARLING? I'M SICK OF BEING IGNORED. I'M SICK OF PRETENDING THAT WE ARE OKAY.

So little time/ I try to understand that I'm/ Tryin to make a move just to stay in the game/ I try to stay awake and remember my name/ But everybody's changing/ And I don't feel the same//

Everybody's changing - Keane

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