Jul 6, 2010

Somewhere in the middle

Wait, is a hello nice enough to start this post? Things went random; Literally.

Here are the things;
remember I broke up last week? Today I went out with a senior. No no that was not a kind of revenge or somewhat. Its just, I think the choice to break up was a good choice. Then someone came, fill a section of me and let the past run. Get it? 'I love you' pasti gak berarti apa apa buat mantanku, like, beneran cuma sekedar I love you. Tapi buatku jg sepertinya gitu. Soalnya aku ngerasa painless xD Words are easy to be said. Heart? It can do anything but lie.

Lol. That was epic.

Terus seniornya gimana? Hmm Idk. ROFL I am like a bitch. Nevermind. Aku cuma ngerasa dia lebih suka aku dibanding aku suka dia. Wow. I feel tired of having a relationship. Yaaaa, empat kali pacaran, tiga kali cowoknya yang minta putus. Seems like I've done bad. Padahal aku emang serius kalo pacaran. Never thought that 'break-up' would come out through my mouth. Wow yang ini aku jadi keliatan kaya malaikat ya? O:)

Anw, I went to FHUI last Saturday for a workshop. There, I met Harjo. A collegiate in FHUI who had been entering world's law moot competition. He was F ing charming. His English was the best. His gesture and absolutely, his face, are the additional point for his coolness. OMG I really wish he could be my coach for the next one month xP

Holiday will be end in less than 4 days and the best place for this holiday so far: school. I know I am sucks. Tapi nametag master untuk junior juga harus diselesaikan. Nasib jadi sie kreatif. Dan nanti: rapat osis. Huh. Mall is probably my second fave place after school. And... Aku belum nonton Karate Kid. Padahal ini liburan x(

Done with this post. I know you guys may get bored or things. This happens to me, darling ;)

So, goodbye, little chihuahua! Jangan mudah terbawa arus, ya! :}

Wait. Aku baru dapet kabar. Harjo wouldn't be our coach but Andina had saved his number for me. She is such an angel xD

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