Aug 25, 2010


OHOHO HAPPY WEDNESDAY, FELLAS. Feelin weird? I'm in such a swinging mood. This is my last year of senior high school and I still have to join competitions such as debating. I admit that I have fallen in love with debating and its friends but the thing that those teachers should understand is: I need to get focus on my last year.

Forget about the competition. I've just finished reading this:

This book is so wow and I am so gonna buy the second book: "The Magician"

The only obstacle I have is I don't have enough money to buy its second book. No. Not that because The Magician is that expensive. It's just me. I am getting closer to bankrupt unless Idul Fitri is only two days away so that I could earn more money :p

How's your week? Busy? Take a deep breath and don't forget to thank God for letting you alive.


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