Aug 11, 2010

On behalf of Kingdom of Rouvas.

First day of Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah all things wet good here. I don't want to talk about Ramadhan in this post. Later, perhaps.

It's all about that competition which had driven me nuts. International Law Moot Court Competition 2010. It's my first mooting competition (well, and so do other high school participants). The thing is: My team was announced as the 2nd Runner Up! Happy? That night was probably my happiest night ever. I would never thought that we could make that far. Imagine. The competition was on Sunday while we had our first practice on Wednesday. We got rushed. We stayed out late for practicing. No... We stayed out late for case building. Mooting is something new for us. We did not know what was that. We had no idea about that. That was why case building took such long time to be done. Even on Saturday, the last day of practice, we still build the case with tons of possibilities along the case. We had to stay until 2 am at our coach's house. All those things got paid. Being the 2nd runner up of ILCOMP 2010 was such a pleasure. While others may be afraid and doubted for joining this competition, we did right to come, join, and win it. Lots of love :3

And I got a chance to take a picture with Harjo. Remember about him? The one I adore because of his brightness? He was the President of Judges on my semifinal round. I don't know whether I was lucky or not for having him as my judge. The point is: I was trembling all over my body just by the time when my team was announced as the big four and was about to have semifinal round in 45mins. I did not know what to do. Literally, that was out of my expectation. I really wish I could yell at the announcer, told her that I could do nothing cause I had prepared nothing. I was the one who got pessimist in all of sudden.

Lol. That was funny, wasn't it? I felt afraid for showing all I got in the court just because the one I adore was the judge of my court.


For sure, I've been adoring someone I could never reach out. He's too high. In his way of life. In his age. In the thought of him. In every single thing of him. He's way too far from me. So, keeping him in mind would be much easier and hurtless :)


And every breeze that whispers/ reminds us constantly/
Sometimes what's real/ is something you can't see//
Believe - Barbie and The Diamond Castle

Good night,

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