Sep 3, 2010

Enough is enough

I broke up.

Well the question shouldn't be 'why did you break up' but 'whom did you break up with'.

As you know (or not) that I am supercalifragilisticexpialidociously single; I got nothing to do with, I got no one to blame to whenever I am PMS, I got no one to be texted... well I got one, actually. So what's wrong with your head, Doxy? What made you said that you have broken up?

It's me. I broke up with the old me.

I used to be zuper easy going while facing this life. Even though it gave me zuper easy effect, being a zuper easy going gave more drawbacks. I. could. not. concentrate. on. a. thing. Having 'let the life flows' motto destroyed me. Idk if it bothered you or not but it bothered me a lot. I had goals, but none seemed to be reached. I had dreams. And they still be dreams. Pathetic.

I need to make myself up. Not with those mascaras and compact powders. Either with the lip glosses and all eye shadows, glitters and expensive clothes.

The future is waiting ahead and I have prepared nothing so far. Nice? Or too stupid? Or too smart? xixixi. I'm not gonna hiatus since this is the only place I could run from all the boring stuff around (wait, I even post rarely). I'm not gonna study too hard and force my eyes to open all night long only for finishing the home works. According to my big sister, the only thing that a twelfth grader needs is enough sleep. That makes sense. Seriously, I think I will make myself up by fixing my sleeping time. I have sleeping disorder. Not that I am sleepless but I am, actually, the one who sleeps too much. I sleep everywhere; in the class, in front of tv, in front of the laptop, even in a competition (I slept while was waiting for my turn).

The goals!

Future is not complete without goals. I have created some goals which couldn't be accomplished, now it is the turn of the goals which will be marked as done someday. No. They will be marked as done next year:

University of Indonesia, Law Faculty majoring International Law. The only reason why I want to be in this faculty is the Moot Court. Thanks to ILCOMP 2010, I am now into mooting :) &if I fail (I wish I won't fail), I will try to be in UGM or UNPAD. Still, Law faculty. They both have moot court!!

Bandung Institute of Technology, Architecture SAPPK, majoring in Architectural Design. I feel nothing but interested in it. Simply sure I'm gonna take it!

Bandung Institute of Technology, FTTM, majoring in Geophysics Engineering. Should I tell you the reason?

I don't care if people hate the fact that I am gonna take social major since I am now majoring in science. Guys, do you know that dreams could change? I bet you have experienced it before ;)

nowplaying: Northern Downpour - Panic! At The Disco.

Go fight for the future! (ya I wish this time is real. enough is enough)

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