Nov 18, 2010

There's something about....

I haven't told you that my parents are now doing Hajj in Mecca. Been a week &I extremely miss 'em. School's stuff are getting crazier. Haven't done the remedial for Biology, the last day is tomorrow but I prefer to write on my blog. It's two weeks away from the final semester examination. And it's also five months away from the national examination and all the university tests. I'm becoming pessimist about the university tests..........................................

&Life's getting harder for my pets. Bubble is kinda weird these days. She's hungry in every second &start to walk downstairs for cockroach-hunting. Bad Bubble bad.

&I have 6 baby hamsters now. The first four were born on Sunday and the second two were born LAST NIGHT. 13 hamsters are in the house now &taking care of those hamsters are quite.... difficult. Literally.

the first four babies

&&Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows part I are gonna be released in cinemas tomorrow! YAYNESS! I plan to watch the movie on Sunday with my cousins. Can hardly wait ♥

found this pic on tumblr. so me.

Got a plan already for this weekend? ;)

: Bubble's rolling on the bed while I wrote about her. She's kinda sensitive, I guess :p

: Now searching for Persilangan Resiprok for Biology task. Desperately need the example of that issue &haven't found any ;____;

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