Mar 24, 2011

And after all these things...

I write this down at exactly 00:00 in March 25. Wait, let me check my Facebook account to see who's having birthday.


Oh, happy birthday, Gerry!

Back to topic. See the widget I put on the right side of my blog? The one who's counting down for the national exam? It turns out that it's 23 days more to national exam and I am flippin unready. On Wednesday I just had finished my School Exam which was quite hectic. Totally. I screwed on Math and Biology. The rest? Only God knows how.

Naff said with the school things. Vices & Virtues has been released. You can get your own Deluxe Edition in here.

I was going to write something but then Twitter distracted me. I'll keep it for later.

Good night, owls.

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