Mar 2, 2011


Welcoming March happily. After changing my PATD Calendar into March, I was kinda excited, knowing that Vices and Virtues will be released in less than a month. YAYNESS. And here are some important dates of my i-wish-i-had-a-normal-one life:

  • 7-11 March: End term test.
  • 16-18 March: School examination for non national examination's subjects.
  • 21-23 March: School examination for national examination's subjects.
  • 22 March: Vices and Virtues release.

I should have been feeling grateful for, at least, having Vices and Virtues release in the middle of the second roughest month in my life.

I bet March would be totally freaking me out. But wait until April.

Having a good day, fellas? I'm downloading Pretty Little Liars 1x19 right now. With this lame connection, there must be a 12-or-more hours spent for downloading.

And I'm working on my new header. About to change my blog name. For no reason. It just doesn't seem cool anymore :p

Be cool in the forty-six-days-to-go-to-national-examination,

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