Apr 6, 2011


Good evening, fellow readers :)

So, my cat had a mis-birth. Yeah, the whole family's fault to kept him out of cage. It was the saddest thing of the week.

Wait, nothing could beat this one: less than two weeks to National Examination. Yep. That is probably the saddest thing of the week. Or, even worse, the saddest thing of the next two weeks.

Despite all pressure of the National Examination's thing, I bought this kind of thing:

Darren Criss's sunglasses!

I've been wanting this thing for so long and thanks to Galih who made me having it :D

It's not a present, anyway. She made me spending 100k for the whole thing (include the optical lenses). And, for any of you who doesn't know who Darren Criss is, just google about him and find out his best shot. He's in Glee, actually :))

Ok, I haven't said anything about Glee, which is currently having my heart, or Darren Criss, who has been having mine since AVPM and now he's showing up in Glee as a gay guy. That is just simply awesome.

Almost midnight, I'll be having Math tryout tomorrow, and SNMPTN tryout after, and I also have to bike to school tomorrow. Guess it's the best time for saying goodbye? I'll see you around the end of April saying the whole exam things are fine.

See you, rangers!

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