May 3, 2011

You either love it or guess you don't

My previous post was kinda lousy. It's been awhile since I post something good and worth reading last. LOL. I guess I've lost my sense of writing since Twitter is in the air. Wait. I mean, in the internet.

I didn't mean to blame on Twitter but really, I'm into singkat-padat-jelas-writing lately. Even tho sometimes it's not that padat&jelas but really, if you can make a meaningful sentences in less than 140 words, then you're awesome. Not to mention that everyone who uses shorten link to their longer-than-140-words tweet is not using Twitter properly. But that's the use of those kind of twitter web-supporters, ayte?

It's my 3rd year in Twitter and I just found some unique people who are related to me in any kind of my interests lately. I met some communities, there. And some famous people, or some people who know some famous people. Every single character can be found. Mulai dari anak ABG labil, adult who tweets a lot in anytime, announcer, anak ABG yang sok-gak-labil-padahal-labil, sampe anak kuliah yang ngatain adeknya labil padahal dia juga labil pun, ada. *no offense, kk ^^

WAIT. Shouldn't I be paid for promoting Twitter, Ev?


I can't wait for the graduation day. It's about 14 more days. I've my own Kebaya, it's being sewed right now and will be done approximately in less than one week. Will share the way it looks as soon as it's done. Or, maybe, after the graduation day.


In case you wonder what this is, this has NO relation with Cobra Starship at all. All you have to do is click the play button and watch it. If you like it, continue to the next part until it's done.

My recommended YouTube video for this week! :D


Oh, and one more. Panic! At The Disco has just premiered their Ready To Go video. Check it on their Facebook Page!


Nah, I guess this blog is just a place for some news. Lameeeeeeeeeeee >.<

Good bye, Rangers!!!

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