Jun 14, 2011

Dear June

Hi there, Nickasaur. Hope you're okay I'm using your song as the title of this post.

So, where have I been? I'm not trying to runaway from inter web. In fact, I'm getting closer to anyone in inter web. Business goes well and everything seems right except for one thing: university. You know I've been rejected by some universities... That was sucks and kinda brought me down. The fact that I have to face some entrance tests freaked me out.

So yesterday I came to the doctor because lately I feel hard for breathing. A bit worried because my grandmother used to have asthma. It turns out to be the effect of these things. I was so stressed................

Now I can only pray for the best result of SNMPTN.

Wish. Me. A. Good. Luck.

Best Regards,
Shofwatul Widad

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