Aug 4, 2011

PATD and Pottermore!

Wow it's been a month!! I wasn't really busy but there are times when all you want to do in front of computer is youtube-ing and twitter-ing. Actually I was quite free past one month. It's just, you know, some stories you tell, some stories you don't. But now, knowing that I've missed one month without writing anything, I feel so /holey/. LOL
So what's new? I registered yesterday to Universitas Indonesia and finally had my KTM done! :))
And last night, I heard a news about PATD coming to Jakarta this September with Yellow Card. What the bug? I was like rolling in my bed crying. And I did tweet anything related to it with capslock on. Anything. But the only thing that made me quite frustrated was the promoter who's gonna bring them here was the one who's also gonna bring Linkin Park here. Which came to the conclusion that I could only wish the ticket price wouldn't be so expensive. I'm gonna pray so hard for this. I don't really care about Yellow Card. Well that doesn't mean I don't like them but PATD is my priority now. I don't wanna miss another chance to see them perform in my hometown. I'm 17 going on 18 and I have already gotten into a great university here so I think watching PATD is a kinda proper reward my parents should give to me :)
Missing something?
The title says PATD and Pottermore! so let's just get into the Pottermore thing.
As you all know, from July 31st to August 6th, there will be a clue each day on Each clue leads to a magical quill that can help you to get the early access to Pottermore. I guess you've guessed me trying to solve the clue? Yep. From the first day, I've been trying to solve the clue but the first two days I missed the clue. Apparently the time they reveal the clue is random. So here's a tip: try to search or google when will the clue out. I did this and this is kinda worked. Well maybe not the exact time but you can still, at least, prepare before the clue is out. Pottermore insider ( used to give the exact time of the clue but not anymore. I also did try on the 3rd day (the clue was the difference point of Gryffindor and Slytherin on Quidditch and we had to multiply it I forget...the clue was so long I can hardly remember it) but unfortunately my phone browser wouldn't allow me to levitate that pen, so I, again, missed the magicall quill.
Yesterday, a friend of mine told me that the clue would be revealed around 9 am est which means 9 pm here. So I got into the website at 9 pm but found out that the clue hasn't been revealed yet (I've told you about the accuracy). But not long after that, about 10-15 minutes, when I refreshed the page, the clue finally was revealed. It said, "How many students take part in Triwizard Tournament? Multiply this by 28."
I was so glad that I didn't miss this thing because this clue was so damn easy!! Rowling herself has announced that the clue for day 4 to 7 were gonna be easier than the first three but I didn't think the gap between the 3rd and 4th clue was this big!! I got easily enter the web (without having to go through the overwhelming) and finally submit my data. My browser did close right after I got into the sixth step. I was quite frustrated because that was the last step before the online registration done but fortunately everything went well after I restored it. So, yeah, I'm magical! Meet PotionNimbus199 :)

Have you registered to Pottermore? Today's clue (the fifth) will be out around 4.30 pm - 8 pm BST. Prepare yourself, Potterhead!

Best Regards,
Shofwatul Widad