Sep 22, 2011

It's all about revenge, bby ;)

Hi, missing me? This is probably my least productive year. I write nothing. Bad.

So, last post was about my happiness for getting into the early-entry list for Pottermore and knowing that my most favorite band of all time was going to have a concert in Indonesia. Well, up until now my welcome email from Pottermore has never been arrived. But, hey! I watched Panic! At The Disco last Tuesday!

I was a bit confused. Should I come? Should I not? The price was a bit expensive but for a festival, actually it's quite good. I wasn't sure about going until one day before the festival, I finally decided to go buy the ticket at Grand Indonesia, which was about 1,5 hrs from Depok. I had a class so I went to Grand Indonesia to buy the ticket at 7. I went by motorcycle because it was late and I was worried about having no public transportation to get me back to Depok. So I arrived at 8.30 --cause I took the wrong way. fuck governor to put motorcycles in a different way with cars-- and went straight to the ticket box and found out that it was closed. I was like gonna cry but I didn't cause I still had a long way to go. I decided to buy the ticket on the spot and yay! I got it. The yellow one, straight to the stage.

I met Levi and some new friends. We were equally excited. Since P!atd was the second performer at that night and I knew nothing about Yellowcard --except the only one, haha--, I was a bit calmed and watched the performance of Yellowcard quietly. When it came to P!atd, I stood up and screamed a lot. A guy in the front row was screaming about wanting Bad Religion to be on stage asap, not P!atd and say something about pussy and sucker and I was like staring at my friend and we laughed.

The performance was epic. And I got my revenge to the guy who screamed. I hit his head -accidentally-.

I still can't believe I met Brendon and Ian and Spencer and Dallon and omg Ian was hillarious. He tried to make  the audience laugh everytime. And his ass was so slim. LOL THIS IS SO UNIMPORTANT.

I want to upload some pics but they weren't that good cause the crew didn't allow us to bring DSLR camera and I only had this friend's pocket cam and the results were not that good. I also recorded some videos. Yes. The vids are also bad cause I recorded while jumping haha.

That's it. Bye!HEY