Dec 31, 2011

Thank you, 2011

Actually it is not appropriate to say thank you to a year. Considering it cannot talk or hear or do nothing but walking. Even I seldom say thank you to my own parents that have helped me through a lot of things during my 18 years of life. But, hey, those 18 years would be nothing if I'm missing one year.


So I'm writing this just before 2012. It's NYE. And what tense should I use for describing 2011? Present? Or past?

I'll just go with past, then.

So 2011 taught me so many lessons. I graduated from high school. I still cannot believe I survived those three killing years. I got accepted in one of the best universities here in Indonesia. Named after the country itself: Universitas Indonesia. I got accepted in English Literature major. Which was not my first choice but lately I feel so lucky for being here. Then I got accepted in UIMUN Club!! I also passed the first phase for NYMUN selection (even though I failed on the second phase). And my team and I got the first place for Petang Kreatif, one of the most prestigious competitions in my faculty. Great, ayte?

One thing that is not that great is this pizza I've ordered for more than 40 mins hasn't come yet. Good thing is, I'll have another free pizza next time I order. But, still.

That was just a small recap for the achievements (HAHAHAHA) I had in 2011.

2011 also the year of mistakes and guilts. But I'm not gonna talk about it since Lebaran has cleared all of those kinda sins so, yeah.

This is the very last post of my 2011 archive. No resolution. I'm tired of making list. I think I'll just dream some more. That's the very root of success.

Happy New Year, everyone!

*still waiting for my pizza to come*

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