Oct 14, 2012

Quick Update!

Ok, so college has been keeping me busy. No, I am not talking about journals, papers, presentation, or any other tasks. I am talking about this one festival that is goung to be held in my campus. It is UI Art War (previously UI Festival). My friends and I are going to represent my faculty as the participant of theatre competition in UI Art War.


I don't join my faculty's theatre club, but I ended up being the production team. Last year, my department was the first winner of Petang Kreatif in Festival Budaya UI. That is why we have to represent our faculty in UI Art War. That, my friend, is one hell of a responsibility. In UI Art War 2011, my faculty was the first winner. So was in 2010. Now, we carry that weight on our shoulder. If this year we don't win, God knows what they will say about us........

In that case, I send a lot of positive energy to my team. Jia you!

So, ya, rehearsal every Monday and Wednesday. I can barely touch my tasks. But I can guarantee you, the performance we are going to do is going to be epic. Support is needed, of course, to make all this happen. I hope every tear and sweat is going to be worth it.

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