Mar 13, 2014

Chinese Whiskers

Chinese Whiskers: A NovelChinese Whiskers: A Novel by Pallavi Aiyar
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 stars

Told in the perspective of two adopted cats, Soyabean and Tofu, this book is very easy to enjoy. It may be a bit weird that the animals can understand human language while us, humans, are left clueless when it comes to animals. But overall I think this book is very funny and easy to read. The relationship between Soyabean and Tofu resembles human relationship, specifically siblings. The older sibling is the one who likes to brag about how brave and experienced he is, while the younger sibling is shy and less adventurous.
There are some expressions in Chinese, because the story is set in Beijing, but that didn't disturb my reading flow. As a cat person I just can't not love this book.

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