Mar 23, 2014

Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & ParkEleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell
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3.5 stars

Set in Omaha, 1986, Eleanor was a fat, red-haired, and weird girl. Park was pretty much normal, only that he was half Korean (which is ok now, but I don't know if in the 80s it was a problem). They met and fell in love. And the story went..............until they were separated (but still loved each other).

Eleanor & Park loved each other.

The premise is that simple. Two teenagers fell in love and struggled (or not) to fight for their love.

The premise is really that simple.

I first heard this book when it was nominated on Goodreads Choice Awards for best young adult fiction book and it won. I had a really high expectation reading this book but I had to say that I am quite disappointed after reading it. The problem with a story with simple premise is sometimes when it is wrapped with the wrong words and the wrong actions and the wrong setting and the wrong characters and the wrong logic, it becomes lame. I am not saying this novel is lame, considering how I smiled a lot throughout the reading (the power of remembering puppy love), but the whole story is like a giant hole half empty (see? I'm a pessimist). Some things are missing, like, how could Eleanor and Park held hands in the bus without anyone looking at them? None of their friends seemed to notice what happened between them in the bus. Even if there was any, why were both Eleanor and Park too ignorant to notice that their friends were actually looking at them? And seriously, I won't take because they were in love as an answer. Another thing is when Eleanor ran away to his uncle's house. So she ran. And Park was worried. And she promised to call. And she didn't. And park kept waiting for him. And that's it. My question did she deal with her mom and siblings? How could she be so selfish, saving her own life without thinking about her family? I mean, they were also in danger, yet all she thought about was Park and his white skin and so on and so on.

Anyway, this is still a good book to read.

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