Dec 31, 2014

The Quick

The QuickThe Quick by Lauren Owen
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The summary on the back cover is really intriguing, not to mention praises for the book as the author's debut novel.

So I was promised to be able to unveil the secret of a high class society secret club in London called the Aegolius. But no one warned me the secret would be too early to be revealed.

The beginning of the story is very beautifully written as the characters are introduced and the settings are described. As it goes further to the conflict in the story and post revealed secret, the intensity is perfectly depicted. The story is told in many perspectives, including from the journal of the club member, while focusing on one main character and how his life crosses path with the club. I somehow do not like this type of pov, but it is actually kinda cool when all different perspectives finally come into one conclusion.

But this is not my cup of tea. For me, the conflict is too surreal (then again, this is a work of fiction) and there seems to be no actual goal of the whole actions in the book other than to show the readers that the secret the club has been holding for so long does exist. Maybe what disappoints me the most is the fact that the sibling relationship I love the most does not resolve by the end of the book. In fact, so many problems are not resolved, so maybe there is going to be a sequel to this.

ps. The spoiler below contains only one word that will reveal what this book really is about so unless you plan not to read this book I beg you not to open the spoiler!!!!
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